Aquatics & Swim Lessons

Being comfortable and safe in the water is an important life skill that can also lead to increased physical fitness. Swimming is a great way to unwind and exercise! See our current Pool Schedule for more information.

    July Lesson Registration

    Registration for July swim lessons will open Saturday, June 24th. Please see the flyer below for more information. Please note the participant must be a member in order to participate in swim lessons. If you do not wish to be a facility member, community membership is $50 or $75 for the family.

  • July Swim Lessons Flyer
  • Community Member Swim Registration Form

    Swim Lessons: Ages 6-36 Months

    Parent & Me Swim Lessons: Infants and toddlers 6 months to 36 months learn the joy of being in the water in a safe and nurturing environment with hands on parent involvement. They will be taught the fundamentals of swimming; such as kicking, arm movements, blowing bubbles and floating on their backs and stomachs, with the goal to teach them to swim independently.

    Baby Swim 1: Introduces infants and toddlers to the aquatic environment. Baby Swim 2: Focuses on creating boundaries in and around the water. Self esteem and social skills are developed while leaning in a relaxed and comfortable aquatic environment.

    Swim Lessons: Ages 3-5 Years

    Level 1-Water Exploration: Foundational class to achieve comfort with beginning swim skills and enjoy the water safely.

    Level 2-Safety Fundamentals: Designed for students to move independently in the water through improved breath control and efficient movement to find safety.

    Level 3-Water Stamina: Integrates arm action, leg action, and rhythmic breathing in back and front glides, develops forward movement on the front and back, and introduces skills and safety techniques in deep water.

    Swim Lessons: Ages 6-12 Years

    Level 4-Stroke Introduction: This intermediate class develops the front crawl and back crawl, introduces components of breaststroke and butterfly, and practices safety techniques in deep water.

    Level 5-Stroke Development: This stage introduces breaststroke and butterfly and reinforces water safety through treading water and sidestroke. Endurance is now a focus to achieve full pool lengths.

    Level 6-Stroke Mechanics: This advanced class refines stroke technique and all major competitive strokes. It also enhances skills related to competitive swimming.

    Adult and Senior Swim Lessons:

    We will be offering Adult ONLY swim lessons twice a week on Friday nights at 6:35pm and Saturday mornings at 10:00am. Register today!

    Aquafit Classes:

    No swimming experience necessary! Add water to your workout with this aquatic-based class suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels. AquaFit and AquaGroove is a great way to improve aerobic fitness, develop strength and flexibility with minimal jarring or impact, making it easier on muscles and joints. Monday-Thursday 8:00-9:00 a.m.

    Lap swimming and Aqua walking are available to our facility and daily members. Please check our Pool Schedule for times.

    More coming soon!

    As the summer progresses we look forward to offering pre-swim team and adult wellness swim programs for our facility members. Check back for more information.



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