Kid Zone 

Kid Zone is a free program available to all family members of the West End YMCA. We offer a child supervision service while you are using the facility. Here are some general guidelines for using our Kid Zone program:

  • Kid Zone is free for anyone who has a family membership.
  • Ages: 2 months - 11 years old
  • There is a one hour time limit for using the Kid Zone
  • Parent/guardian must be using the facility while the child is in Kid Zone, they may not leave the premises
  • We strongly encourage infants that cannot walk yet to be brought in a car seat or stroller.
  • Our Kid Zone team does not change diapers, if your child needs a diaper changed we will come notify you while you are using the facility. Once the child has been changed, you may resume your workout and reenter your child into Kid Zone.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in Kid Zone. (water is the only exception)

To help keep you and your family safe from COVID-19, we are adjusting our Kid Zone operations:

  • Maximum of 12 kids using the Kid Zone at one time, if we are at max capacity we will have a waitlist
  • All toys and equipment in the Kid Zone is properly disinfected before and after use
  • all toys, surfaces, and equipment are disinfected and wiped down every hour. 
  • Children have the option to wear a mask or no mask
  • Our Kid Zone team members will always be wearing a mask
  • Every child's temperature will be checked prior to entering the room

Questions? Email Cheyanne