Confident Kids, Strong Swimmers

We offer one on one instruction that lasts for 30 mins and is completely based on the individual’s needs and goals. It’s for everyone from non-swimmer to expert to someone with special needs. Lessons are offered all times of the day and 7 days of the week.

Please Note: In some cases, an adult parent/guardian may be required to be in the water with Child. Please contact the YMCA location you wish to attend for more information. 

Private Lesson Pricing:

30 Minute Session: $40/Members

Designed for Ages 6 Months - Adult

Meet Our Instructors:

We've got a great team of instructors at each of our Branches ready to help you or your child progress in their swimming skills!

Upland: Michael Iniquez

Skill Expertise: Hi, my name is Michael! I have been a swim instructor for 2 years and a lifeguard for 3. I have taught kids from the ages of 4-12. My main goal is to meet the child’s swimming goals while creating a safe and fun environment! 

Upland: Morgan Bowen

Skill Expertise: Hi, my name is Morgan! I’ve worked at the Y for two years now, and I’ve spent the past 4 years on my schools swim team, and 2 in waterpolo. My mission is to not only teach basic skills such as water safety, but to help my students progress and strengthen their skills as swimmers at any level!

Upland: Morgan Bowen

Hello, I'm Brooke! I specialize in all ages, with an emphasis on water safety, confidence, and technique. I want your kids to have a positive experience in the pool, with hopes to get them ready to approach the water with determination. Whether focusing on safety skills, or emphasizing technique and skill development, I am ready to work at your child’s pace and prepare them to leave the YMCA as a confident, qualified swimmer!

Upland: Amber Stonerook-Ferguson

Skill Expertise: I specialize in water safety, especially for preschool ages (3-5) and for special needs children and adults. I work very well with beginner/hesitant swimmers and can assist with overcoming fear of the water. I can also brush up on technique and endurance for all 4 strokes or begin teaching the 4 strokes for those with interest in competitive swimming. I work with all ages and skill levels. 

Upland: Asher Kocalis

Skill Expertise: I specialize in competitive swimming of higher-level swimmers. I know how to condition for any kind of water based aerobic based training (I.e. distance, stroke, sprints, open water swimming, water polo). If you’re looking to lose weight or just get in better shape as well, I can definitely help with that too. I have been swimming since my freshman year of high school and am still swimming in college to this day.

Upland: Alexis Perez

Skill Expertise: Child and adult water safety and prevention. Special needs water safety and prevention. Technique and endurance in all strokes. Drills to focus on mechanics and technique to improve overall performance. Emphasis on building confidence in the pool and creating a safe and positive environment for everyone!

Upland: Thomas Llamas

Skill Expertise: I have been teaching swim lessons with the Y for 3 years and I have some experience with day care also. I work well with kids and will spend the time to ensure kids are water safe, confident, and successful in the water. All ages are welcome! 

Upland: Jeffrey Magbag

Skill Expertise: I have over more than 7 years of competitive swimming experience. The majority being part of swim club and my high school swim team, as well as 2 years of water polo experience. I aim to build trust, confidence, knowledge in water safety, and a safe and positive environment for all age groups. I am very encouraging and friendly. I take my time with each individual student and I make sure to focus on developing stroke technique and fundamentals. I am super easy to work with and I enjoy seeing the progress students make. 

Upland: Kira Stout

​Skill Expertise: With several years of experience in competitive swim, I strive to help my students not only master the individual strokes and fundamentals/techniques needed for lifelong swim skills but I also work to instill a sense confidence that can only come from being properly educated in all things water safety. With experience in all age groups, I believe in working at your pace so that you or your child feels comfortable before being challenged further. A UCR college student and big sister to 2, I have the patience, knowledge and dedication necessary to ensure you leave the YMCA an avid swimmer with a strong foundation to grow on.

Chino: Alyssa Schemel 

Skill Expertise: Hello, I work with all kids aging from 3 to 15 years old. I mainly specialize in teaching free style, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. But I can confidently teach children how to begin to swim all the way into rules for competitive swim team. I look forward to working with you and your children. 

Chino: Brianna Contreras

Skill Expertise: I have been swimming for many years and am currently swimming at a collegiate level. I find that learning basic skills, focusing on technique, and building endurance are important to enjoy swimming and to become a more powerful swimmer in the water. With hard work and dedication your goals; whether it be to strengthen your skills as a swimmer or recreation can be accomplished!”

Chino: Senna Forkner

Skill Expertise: Hello, I hear your looking for a swim instructor. Look no further. I am the one. I am experienced with 3-years of teaching from ages of four and up and have experience with water polo. I played college Water Polo for two years at Mt. SAC. I am enthusiastic but stern. Safety is my fist concern but a swimmer is not going to learn without a little bit of fun and encouragement. Hope to see you soon!

Chino: Marilyn Villalpando

Skill Expertise: Swimming has been a part of my life for more than 10 years, 6 of them being with a swim club and 4 with my high school swim team. Since it was such an integral part of my life, I decided to become a lifeguard. Shortly after becoming a lifeguard, I started teaching swim lessons. I have been doing so for a little over a year now and it has been great. I love teaching children of all ages the basics of water safety and the proper techniques to swim competitively. I am able to teach them the skill necessary to be a great swimmer. I have taught kids of all ages ranging from toddlers to teenagers. I am a patient instructor and I'm very encouraging. I have had multiple students who were terrified at the start but after a while have grown used to being around and in water. Seeing improvement in their skill is the most rewarding part of the job. Not only is the ability to swim a crucial survival skill, but it can become something that they can find a passion in, as I did.

How do I cancel or reschedule my swim lesson?

If it is 48 hours BEFORE your scheduled start time, please contact our membership staff ‪(909) 946-6120‬ or come into our membership sales office and our membership staff can help you cancel your lesson. A refund will be issued for that class, ONLY. 

If you would prefer to reschedule your lesson, please contact the instructor directly to set up a make-up date.

If you CANNOT give 48 hours notice, no refunds will be given and no makeups will be provided. In case of illness or emergency, however, a refund for the class will be issued ONLY with a doctors note.

Can I have both my children attend the same swim lesson?

Unfortunately, we do not offer semi-individual lessons. Our lessons are strictly one-on-one so that our teachers are able to focus solely on their student and his/her goals. 

Do you offer financial assistance for one-on-one lessons?

We do not offer financial assistance on our on-on-one lessons. We do, however, provide financial aid for our group lessons. Please contact the front desk for more information.

What happens in the case of a pool closure?

We will do our best to reach out to our students and notify them should our facility unexpectedly close before your scheduled lesson. If the pool needs to be closed for any reason BEFORE your scheduled class time, you will be refunded for the amount of that class ONLY. If the pool needs to be closed DURING your scheduled lesson, a refund will not be issued, and a makeup will not be provided.

Will there be swim class on holidays?

On holidays where any of our facilities are closed or have abbreviated hours, we do not have swim lessons. Please visit our facility hours on our website for a list of all holiday closures.