What's happening at the Y?

Kids need Swim Lessons!

Did you know that the YMCA runs Swim Lessons year-round? Safety and confidence around water is ALWAYS important! With our heated pools and a long history of providing Swim Lessons for the community, we're the perfect choice to keep your children learning all year. For information and class enrollment, visit our Swim Lesson page!
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Food distribution

We're Pitching In!

We're focused on working for our communities. In particular, we're providing Essential Worker Child Care for First Responders, Health Care workers, and front-line service staff that need to stay on the job! We've also partnered with the cities of Ontario and Chino to utilize our vehicles and staffing for food distribution and deliveries!
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Free Resource: Active Kids with 12Bursts!

Keep your family active and having fun with 12Bursts. The 12Bursts program encourages your children to achieve 60-minutes of daily recommended physical activity through 12 activity “bursts” of five minutes each. Stack your bursts or mix or match in whatever way best fits your schedule to complete each day’s Daily Dozen challenge.
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